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Dr. Mark Bohnert, Dr. Laura Geiger, Dr. Holly Austgen and their team deliver a full range of preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry solutions performed with a focus on your comfort—and your fantastic smile!

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At Southeast Family Dental, we’re proud to say we have a terrific team of dental professionals. Our primary goals are to serve your needs, improve your health, and make you smile. Because our team has worked together for years, we’ve developed a friendly camaraderie that makes our patients feel right at home.

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Is water good for your teeth?

Drinking water is essential to your health. Water helps to transport nutrients in your body, regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, helps build muscle, digests food and improves your skin complexion. And, yes, water really is healthy for your teeth,...

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Does your dog need braces?

Wesley – from Harborfront Hospital for Animals Facebook page (via fox17online.com) No, we aren’t making this up. Wesley, a golden retriever puppy living in Michigan, was fitted with braces. Photos on the news showed his cute furry face and the braces on his...

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3 healthy foods/snacks that can be bad for your teeth

Go anywhere these days and you will hear someone talking about what they eat—or don’t eat. It’s a good thing that we are thinking about what we put into our mouths and bodies. Sometimes, however, we make selections believing we are making the best choices only...

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Why does my tongue look weird?

We all remember as kids sticking out our tongues to shock adults with its blue, red or green hue after eating some sort of dye-filled candy or ice pop. It’s a rite of passage that makes us smile. But when we look in the mirror as adults and see something...

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