Why are my teeth wearing down?

Dr. Laura Geiger, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana talks about the reasons your teeth may be wearing down including general wear and erosion. Dr. Geiger also discusses how teeth wear can be caused by GERD, acid reflux and even sleep apnea and...

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Keeping your child’s braces clean

Parents love and worry about their children. We understand that here at Southeast Family Dental and we actually see it in our practice everyday. It's obvious when a child comes through our doors with a parent who has taught them the importance of taking care of their...

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Would you use charcoal to whiten your teeth?

Everyone loves the idea of a bright, white smile. But over time, your diet and oral habits can stain and discolor your teeth, making you feel embarrassed by your smile. That's why many people often try teeth whitening home remedies. At Southeast Family Dental, we've...

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What is that weird blue light my dentist uses?

Dr. Holly Austgen, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana reveals what that weird blue light is that your dentist uses, how it works and if there are any risks to your teeth and gums when using it. If you can not see the embedded video above please...

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Jelly beans, Peeps and your teeth

After a long, gray winter, everyone looks forward to bright sunny days, green sprouts poking up through the garden soil, and spring holidays. Each holiday comes along with its own special treats. Irish soda bread and beer for St. Patrick’s Day, paczkis for Fat Tuesday...

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Mouth Rinse 101

Dr. Laura Geiger, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana reviews the different types of mouth rinses and which type of mouth rinse is better suited for you. Dr. Geiger also explains the correct order to use mouth rinse when it comes to brushing,...

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Should you use aspirin to relieve a toothache?

A toothache can be the cause of some of the most excruciating pain you will ever feel; we know that here at Southeast Family Dental. That's why we suggest patients call right away when a toothache begins. We don't want anyone to suffer through a toothache and will try...

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Do I need to brush my teeth after every meal?

At Southeast Family Dental, our dentists get asked lots of questions about oral hygiene. But a common question we hear a lot from our patients is: Do I need to brush my teeth after every meal? Here's our reply. ADA recommendation The American Dental Association (ADA)...

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Is gum disease really that common?

You might scoff at your dentist's urging to brush, floss and care for your gums. It might sound like a broken record, but all of us here at Southeast Family Dental are willing to sound like broken records if it can prevent our patients from having to deal with gum...

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