Do you have a black hairy tongue?

Making sure you have excellent oral hygiene is important, so you can prevent issues and problems from happening. One of the best things you can do is daily brushing and flossing. Most people remember to brush their teeth, but you should also brush your tongue. Failing...

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How can I get rid of dry mouth?

Dr. Katie Jones from Southeast Family Dental talks about dry mouth and demonstrates some products you can use to help alleviate dry mouth. Dr. Jones also discusses the causes of dry mouth including medications, dehydration and autoimmune diseases....

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How to Care for Your Teeth at Work

Finding different ways to look after your teeth is important, and you’ve got to know how to look after them in the workplace each day. Work presents many scenarios in which you might not be treating your teeth with care - snacking, sugar, using your teeth to open...

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Are Your Kids Using Too Much Toothpaste?

A CDC report has highlighted that children may be using too much toothpaste, which can be dangerous for their oral health. The rule that children between the ages of 3 and 6 should use a pea-sized amount or less is not being followed. The study focused on children...

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Will the Brush DJ App Make You a Better Brusher?

For children, there are so many rules of tooth brushing that need to be followed, specifically, the fact that you need to brush for a specific amount of time. Two minutes, to be precise. But what is the answer to make sure that everybody brushes for this vital amount...

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Toothbrushing Tips for Caregivers

There are so many different aspects of looking after an elderly or home-bound person, especially where their oral health is concerned. The best oral hygiene comes from proper brushing. What are the best ways to look after someone that has extra needs in terms of their...

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What Exactly Is a Dry Socket?

It's not necessarily a widely known term, but "dry socket", also known as alveolar osteitis, is a very painful condition that can occur after having a permanent adult tooth, such as a wisdom tooth or a singular tooth, extracted. Its symptoms are predominantly the...

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Would You Turn Your Fingernails Into Teeth?

When you thought fashion couldn’t get any weirder, we bring you the latest in teeth nail art. As the name suggests, these are fingernails fashioned in the form of teeth. Don’t worry because they’re not real molars glued onto the ends of your fingers. That would be...

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Everything You Wanted To Know About A Tooth Abscess

Is the pain in your tooth an ache that will go away or is it something more serious? Find out how to identify, treat and prevent an abscess by reading the guide below. There is nothing worse than a toothache. To say that a tooth abscess can be painful is an...

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Are tongue and lip piercings safe for your teeth?

Facial piercings are no longer tongue in cheek. As fashion accessories, they’re becoming incredibly popular especially with young people. Unlike a tattoo, they aren’t permanent and won’t ruin your features forever. At least, that’s the common consensus. In reality,...

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Our Patients Love Us!

Another Great Dental Visit!

As usual, I had a great experience at the SEFD Clinic. I highly recommend the SEFD Clinic for all patients. The staff and doctors make every appointment an educational and fun encounter!

Jack S.
Great hygienists who are personable and…

Great hygienists who are personable and professional. The facility still has the family owned and operated feeling!

Andrew S.

Wonderful as usual!!!!!!

Cheri G.
Great as always!

Had a wonderful experience for me and my children. We worked with great hygienists and Dr. Jones was wonderful!

Bi-annual cleaning and check up


Keith R.