3 real dentists, Dr. Mark Bohnert, Dr. Laura Geiger and Dr. Holly Austgen from Southeast Family Dental, try Crest’s new Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste for the first time.

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Hi I’m Dr. Laura Geiger and I’m Dr. Mark Bohnert and I’m Dr. Holly Austgen. We’re here today to experiment with a new toothpaste that Crest has developed. They have several different flavors but we thought we would try one that is Mint Chocolate Trek.

So, none of us have tried this yet but we thought we would give it a whirl and see how it is. So we’re going to brush our teeth with this new chocolate toothpaste so you can decide if you would like to try one of these new flavors. So, girls, one two three…

“Mmmmm… that’s pretty good! That tastes like a chocolate cookie. I’m going to brush for a long time.”

“That is good, like mint chocolate chip ice cream, if you’re ok brushing with something that’s sweet.”

“I don’t know how much I like it.”

So 2 out of 3 have decided that this isn’t bad. The one problem is we hope that children don’t get their Hershey Kisses and use that for toothpaste. That doesn’t have any fluoride.

So if you have any questions give us a call…. her name is… “I’m Laura Geiger” “Dr. Mark Bohnert” “and Dr. Holly Austgen”

Give us a call 317-359-8000.