5 Things You Wish Your Dentist Didn’t Know About You

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Dec 21,2021

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Did you know that 91% of people admit to keeping secrets? And, on average, people are carrying with them 13 secrets at any given time!

Mistruths can weigh heavy on your mind.

So, why not try unloading some of those secrets during your next dentist visit?

You might think you’re pulling one over on your dentist, but the truth is, your mouth is spilling the beans in subtle ways.

From chipped and discolored teeth to bad breath, these are five things you wish your dentist didn’t know (but probably already does).

1. You Smoke

It’s a bad habit that still plagues nearly 35 million Americans. No matter how many breath mints you pop or how much cologne you spray, your dentist can easily detect this unhealthy addiction. The smell of a smoker is a dead giveaway. From your clothes to your breath, your dentist knows! Once you’re in the chair and open wide, your mouth will give your secret away — even if you never say a word. Tar from smoking stains the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth yellow or brown. Receding and inflamed gums are another dead giveaway. The dentist may also notice a change in the color and texture of your tongue.

2. You Vape

In recent years, smoking has given way to vaping — a growing trend that attracts nearly 8 million users daily. Falsely advertised as a healthy alternative to smoking, vaping is equally as damaging to your body and just as obvious at your dentist visit. Similar to smoking, vaping causes gum tissue damage and discoloration as a result of restricted blood flow. You may also experience dry mouth, tooth decay, and even tooth damage caused by bruxism (grinding your teeth). The nicotine found in both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is a stimulant that can cause unintentional teeth grinding and damage.

3. You Aren’t Flossing

We’ve all been there. Your dentist asks, “Have you been flossing?”. You nod your head yes and smile, thinking, “They’ll never know”. Think again. Your dentist can tell if you’re not flossing. The number one sign is bleeding gums. Excess plaque is another sure sign that you’re skipping this important oral hygiene step.

4. You Brush Too Hard

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Case in point: over-brushing. Yes, it’s possible to brush your teeth too hard and too often — and your dentist will notice during your next dental visit. Brushing too aggressively or using a brush with hard bristles can cause your gums to recede prematurely. You may also wear away the enamel coating on the surface of your teeth. Stick to only brushing twice a day and try an electric toothbrush to control the speed and pressure or opt for softer bristles.

5. You Like to Chew on Ice

This is a bad habit that you may want to keep under wraps. Chewing on ice is more common than you think. It’s also causing more damage than you realize. Not only can hard, sharp pieces of ice chip or crack your teeth, but they can also wear away at the enamel. Enamel protects your tooth from sugar and acid, preventing decay and cavities. 

You Can’t Hide the Truth at Your Next Dentist Visit

Are you a chronic smoker? Do you brush too hard or chew on ice as a nervous habit?

All of these things are damaging your teeth and gums. They’re also obvious to a trained professional. Don’t try hiding these dirty little secrets from your dentist. If possible, kick these bad habits before your next dental visit.

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