7 Questions to Ask At Your Next Dentist Visit

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Oct 07,2020

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Only 64.9% of adults had a dentist visit in 2019. Likely, even fewer were armed with the right questions at those visits. While the best dentist can give you all the dental care you need, it’s important to take your oral health into your own hands.

In this article, we offer our top questions to ask at your next dentist visit in order to leave you feeling prepared. We also discuss not only how to find a dentist, but how to find the best dentist for you. Continue reading to get your oral health at its best.

1. How Is My Overall Oral Health?

The first question you should ask your dentist is about your overall oral health. Starting with generalities is a great start to your appointment and may even lead you to ask additional questions.

At your dentist visit, you should ask about your level of gum disease and the general appearance of your teeth. It’s also a good time to ask about any potential risks given your family’s history or your own medical history.

2. Is My Dental Care Routine Effective?

The best dentist will likely segue naturally into this question, but it’s still important to keep it in the back of your mind. Your overall oral health will tell you a lot about your dental care routine and whether or not it’s effective.

You’ll want to find a dentist who is able to recommend changes in your routine if necessary. They may want you to floss more or brush less aggressively. Even if you’ve been doing something for years, try to be open to changes.

3. Do You Recommend Any Products?

Whether or not your dental care routine is effective, there may still be room for improvement. One of the ways you can improve your routine is to ask your dentist if they recommend any products given your oral health and history.

At your dental visit, your dentist may recommend adding additional products such as mouth rinses. They may also find a part of your dental care routine to be suboptimal and recommend a switch to a new product altogether.

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4. What Causes My Oral Pain?

Some causes of oral pain may not be obvious during a routine dentist visit. If you experience dental or oral pain, it’s important to explain this. If you need to, make a note of where the pain originates and how frequently you experience it.

This can either prompt your dentist to take a closer look at certain areas of your mouth or recommend a treatment that can give you some relief. Be sure to ask your dentist about pain, even if it’s minor so it doesn’t become worse.

5. Do I Need Any Dental Procedures?

While the best dentist will be on top of recommending any necessary procedures, it’s important to remember to ask your dentist about them. In some cases, they may provide you with optional treatments.

In other cases, they may recommend following up with a primary care physician for treatment. While some of these treatments may not be a necessity, they can still be beneficial.

6. What Can I Do To Improve My Oral Health?

While searching for a ‘dentist near me,’ one of the top questions running through your mind should be improving your oral health. It’s something you should consider even if your teeth and gums are in relatively good condition.

In many cases, there’s room for improvement when it comes to oral care. So, find a dentist that can help guide you to better ways of brushing, quality cosmetic care, or other such methods of improving your oral care.

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7. Do I Need a Follow-Up Visit?

If your dentist visit was strictly routine and you have good overall oral health, you may only need to return to your dentist annually. However, even if everything appears to be in order, it’s important to ask your dentist to be sure.

Some patients may require more frequent exams to ensure good oral health, while others may need to return for treatments. Staying on top of your next dentist visit is essential. Be sure to schedule as soon as possible and keep track of any appointments.

How to Find a Dentist Near Me

While it may be easy to find a dentist near me, it’s important to find the best dentist for your own unique needs. Whether you need a dentist that offers emergency care, preventative care, or cosmetic dentistry, take the time to research and find the right one.

The best dentist will be happy to work through the above list of questions with you. They will help develop a unique oral care plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle to ensure your mouth is in the best possible condition.

When to Schedule Your Next Dentist Visit

If you can’t recall the last time you went to the dentist, it’s definitely time to schedule your next dentist visit. You should aim to visit your dentist twice each year or sooner if you experience any discomfort or unusual changes.

Even if you are hesitant to pursue dental treatments, an exam and cleaning can be invaluable in getting you on the right track. Your dentist may be able to offer you alternatives to treatments that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Schedule Your Next Dentist Visit

Schedule your next dentist visit to get on top of your oral health. Find a dentist that is the best dentist for you and your lifestyle so they can help you build a unique oral care routine.

Schedule your appointment today and get started.

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