8 Steps to Screen Yourself for Oral Cancer

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Nov 26,2020

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Have You Checked Your Mouth? Screen Yourself for Oral Cancer.

Our team at Southeast Family Dental provides FREE oral cancer screenings for our patients during their new patient exams and their six-month check-ups. But, if you are in-between check-ups, we would encourage everyone to take a few minutes each month to screen yourself for symptoms of this deadly disease.

8 Step Oral Cancer Self Screening

  • Examine your face in the mirror. Both sides of the face should be symmetrical. Check for swelling, lumps and bumps.
  • Look at your skin. Note any changes in the color or size of sores, moles, or other growths.
  • Press your fingers along the sides and front of your neck. Do you notice any swelling or tenderness?
  • Pull your lip out and look for sores. Feel the lips for lumps or changes in texture.
  • Examine the insides of your cheeks for red, white, or dark patches.
  • Tilt your head back to check the roof of your mouth. Do you see any unusual lumps or discolorations?
  • Check the top, bottom and sides of your tongue. Check under your tongue. Once again, note any sores, swelling or discoloration.
  • Do you have any difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking, or moving your jaw or tongue?

See Something Say Something

Although curable and preventable, oral cancer can also be deadly. If during your Oral Cancer Self Screening you notice something that looks or feels unusual and it has not improved or disappeared after two to three weeks, please contact Dr. Mark Bohnert and Dr. Laura Geiger at Southeast Family Dental. It could save your life!

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