Blind Dentist Prank | How Would You React?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Sep 19,2021

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Dentistry is a common need in the modern-day and age – we have more technology, more tools, and a lot more access to good and proper dental hygiene and care, and that usually works out very well for us!

Heading to the dentist is a very mundane activity. We go regularly to make sure our mouths are clean and healthy, and we don’t tend to think much of it! It’s another part of life that we get on with, as it ensures our health and wellbeing for longer.

And yet, sometimes dental procedures can still make people nervous. Let’s examine one such situation below.

Do You Trust Your Dentist?

Your dentist needs to be someone you can trust. If you walk into a dentist’s office and you’re not quite sure about the setting, or the medical professionals you’re about to see, you’re not going to feel comfortable letting them root around in your mouth with all kinds of dental tools.

From cleaning tools to teeth scrapers to simple mirrors, all kinds of apparatus can be used to assess the condition of your teeth, any fillings you may have, as well as braces you may have currently fitted, and you may even require an x-ray at some point. It can be hard to stay calm during procedures like these, especially for children who are nervous about anything out of the ordinary, and you need to have a trustworthy and skilled doctor on your side.

Even just opening your mouth wide enough for a dentist to examine your teeth and gums can really ache the jaw!

But What If That Dentist Couldn’t See?

If you walked into your dentist’s office and noticed something out of place, would you still trust that your checkup or procedure would be completed safely and effectively that day?

What if the dentist walked in after you’d made yourself comfortable in the chair wearing glasses to protect their eyes? Would you think it was normal for such a thing to occur? Would you think it was a problem? Would your mind instantly jump to the possibility that your dentist had gone blind? 

If not, let’s delve a little deeper into the mystery. What if they had a hard time seeing you, or reached out to the wrong side of the room to shake your hand? What if they couldn’t grab ahold of the necessary tool, and needed a nurse to guide them? Would you start to doubt their ability then? Would you still feel like you were in safe hands, and could trust your dentist? Probably not!

So, what would you do? Would you speak up about this strange predicament you had found yourself in? Would you question if the dentist was okay, or if you needed to rearrange your appointment? How far would the dentist need to go before you called time on the arrangement, and asked what, exactly, was going on?

What If It Was All Just A Prank?

Pranks can be funny, depending on who is on the receiving end! But when it comes to playing a prank on a member of your family, one of the best people to prank would be one of your parents. Someone who cares for you and your health, and who would be concerned by a blind dentist walking into the room about to work on their children!

Imagine the scenario: it’s a family dentist appointment, and you’re a busy parent with three children who just want to get the trip over and done with. You’re feeling rushed, you want to get out, and then a dentist wearing dark glasses who cannot see a thing in front of them walks into the room. The nurse explains they recently became blind, and they’re around to help guide the dentist as they work on one of your children, already sat in the chair. What do you think would happen next?

The dentist should be a place that makes you feel comfortable, whilst out of your comfort zone, and if something completely out of the ordinary like this occurs, you’d have to think about how you’d cope!

Don’t worry, you can watch this scene happen in real-time. A very clever YouTube video (see above) has put this entire scenario together – set in a family dentist, three daughters decide to prank their father with a dentist who cannot see, about to give them a checkup. How does he react? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out!

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