man plugging his nose from odorHere at Southeast Family Dental, we are often asked about how best to treat bad breath or halitosis. Most to the time bad breath can be traced back to someone who has poor oral hygiene. In other words, someone who does not brush or floss on a regular basis can easily develop halitosis.

If you brush and floss on a regular basis but still have bad breath, you may have forgotten that it is important to keep your tongue clean as well.

If bacteria are not removed from the mouth and it begins to secrete toxins, a foul odor will develop. The odor can be masked by using some mouthwashes but if the teeth are not kept clean the problem will return quickly.

Other contributing factors

Other factors can cause bad breath including smoking, alcohol, and some foods (e.g., onions).

Other systemic problems that can cause bad breath can be more difficult to control. Some medications will dry the mouth which makes it more difficult to keep the bacteria levels down. And if someone has stomach problems or a respiratory disease such as bronchitis, these can cause bad breath as well. In this situation, you can brush and floss all day long and the odor will not go away.

Start with your home care

The bottom line is that if you are healthy and you have bad breath the first thing you should consider is the home care you have. Brush, floss, clean your tongue and use a little mouthwash and your bad breath should go away.

If the routine does not help, call your dentist and see what other issues may be the cause.