woman teethIf you are worried about some discoloration of your teeth, and you have some crowns or veneers, you may want to consult with a dental expert before going for whitening. Why? For one thing, whitening with existing veneers or crowns can be a challenge simply because they are not porous and will resist treatment.

According to writer Jay Scott Edwards: “Most good dentists would have matched the coloration… to ensure the natural and cosmetic teeth look a similar shade… over time the natural teeth will darken and become stained where the cosmetic teeth are not porous and therefore do not change color.”

In other words, you have to consider how many veneers or crowns are involved as you could overly whiten the natural teeth and create an unbalanced look to the mouth. As the natural teeth will whiten and veneers and crowns will not, you can end up with a very obvious mismatch that lasts for many weeks or months until the coloring begins to rebalance.

Alternatives to consider

There are a few alternatives to consider if the discoloration of the natural teeth is a real problem. They are:

  • Depending upon the number of veneers or crowns showing when smiling, it is always possible to have them assessed and remade to match the altered color of the natural teeth. This would mean having the whitening completed first and then the new veneer/crown made to match the newly brightened natural teeth; or
  • Going for a complete set of veneers or crowns as this permanently removes the need to consider whitening. This could mean getting the entire upper mouth fitted with them, or the lower, and this too may prove the ideal solution if whitening is going to be a problem with a mixture of natural and cosmetic teeth.

The best method is to work with your dental care provider as they already know how your teeth tend to look and respond to treatment. They can review the conditions of your teeth and let you know if replacing the veneers and crowns is the wisest move or if getting some whitening done and then waiting for the natural teeth to return to a less brilliant shade is the best or more cost effective solution for your cosmetic needs.