Dr. Laura K. Geiger, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana talks about lower denture mini implants and how they can solve the problem of lower dentures that don’t fit or keep slipping.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: What can I do if my lower denture doesn’t fit or keeps slipping?


Hi this Dr. Geiger from Southeast Family Dental. Today we are going to talk about implant supported dentures. Now a question we get a lot in the office is, “My denture doesn’t fit, what can I do?” A really good option is implants.

There are a couple different ways to do implants with a denture. There’s a mini implant and there’s a standard implant. The sample I have to show you today is a standard implant. It’s something that you would place two implants, generally in this area. And the minis are a lot smaller and you place four.

The idea of an implant to support a denture is when you’ve got a bottom denture like this one is today, your tongue, your cheeks, when you talk, everything wants to kind of push that denture out. Now what the implant does is, on the inside of the denture it has what we call kind of housings that hold and they snap into place to hold that denture down so it’s not going to come out when you’re talking, eating, any of that.

We have people who are very, very happy with them. The good part with them is that if it is something you’re interested in you can use your existing denture. Most of the time, there’s occasions you don’t. But most of the time you can use your existing denture. You place the implants, you put the housings in your denture and then you’re good to go.

If it’s something you’re interested in or seems like it might be a right fit for you, give us a call and remember, we can make you smile!