Dear Santa

When we think of the holidays, several things come to mind. Family, faith, friends and fun top the list, for sure. But part of all the festivities is the giving of to those we care about most. That’s also when the age-old problem comes up: What gift should I give?

Some may argue a dental gift won’t be popular, but we say there are several different ideas and some that will be enjoyed all year round.

Dental products are Christmas gifts that keep on giving

Oral health is a critical element in overall, general health, which makes dental health products prime targets for gift-giving. Anything that improves dental and oral health will always have a positive impact on life. We have all heard how the improvements in dental hygiene have increased longevity for people. Who can ever forget the statistics that say daily flossing can add about 6.4 years to the length of your life? With that in mind, here are several suggestions for legitimate Christmas gift ideas:

  • An electric toothbrush – There are numerous brands with different brushing options. All will work well. We also suggest you include a few replacement heads. These can be a great idea for kids as well as there are several with free apps to track brushing.
  • Water Pik or electric flosser – Nothing says love like an electric flosser. We say that because flossing is one of the oral health regimens that people don’t do regularly enough, and it is so, so important. Another great gift for children or teenagers with braces!
  • Snore guard – This might be a touchy one, maybe even considered a gift for the giver instead of the recipient. However, for the couple that battles the snoring issue, a guard might be one thing that gets you more rest and less aggravation. If you want recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact any of the dentists at Southeast Family Dental.
  • Whitening strips or a whitening service – If you have caught a loved one doing the “tissue test” to see where their teeth fall on the whiteness scale, this could be the perfect gift for Christmas. They will love you every time they look in the mirror and show off those pearly whites.

Other options for children’s dental gifts

Besides an electric toothbrush or water pick, we want you to know other option for dental gifts children will be excited to receive:

  • Toothbrushes that light up
  • Toothbrushes that play tunes
  • Toothpaste that comes in colors (G·U·M Crayola Squeeze-A-Color)
  • Fun floss picks

Dental stocking stuffers

If you don’t want to wrap up dental products as gifts for Christmas, consider them as stocking stuffers. Fun and useful, too! In addition, we have a few tips for other stocking stuffers that promote good dental and oral health for kids (and people) of all ages!

  • Choose chocolate candy over sticky candies
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Pretzels or fish crackers in mini packages
  • An apple or orange to maintain health and holiday tradition!

We know that the holidays aren’t all about Christmas gifts, but remember that dental health gifts really are gifts that say, “I love you.”