Could you really brush your teeth in 10 seconds?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Sep 27,2020

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According to the inventors of Amabrush, the average person spends a total of 108 days over the course of their lifetime brushing their teeth. That’s a little over 15 weeks or just over 3.5 months. Brushing teeth. They say that their new product, an automatic toothbrush they call the Amabrush, will decrease the dentist recommended two-minute brush time to 10 seconds. Yes, 10 seconds.

Is that really, and truly, possible?

According to the Kickstarter site describing the invention, the reason the Amabrush can significantly reduce the time to brush is because the mouthpiece is designed to brush ALL the teeth at the same time. Normally, they say, a person brushes each tooth for approximately 1.25 seconds, but with the Amabrush, each tooth is brushed on all three sides for the full 10 seconds.

Another point they make is that “90% of all dental and gum diseases are simply caused by incorrect brushing.” They say people tend to avoid brushing, brush their teeth and gums too hard and vigorously, or use toothbrushes that have bristles that are too hard.

The dentists here at Southeast Family Dental are intrigued, but want all the details before making a judgement. Before we would ever include this in the Latest in Technology section of our website, we need some answers.


For starters, what about the sizes of the mouth pieces? The makers indicate that there is little difference in the sizes of the adult male and female. While that could generally be true, there are many, many of our patients who might find using a “one size fits all” mouth piece uncomfortable. We have many patients whose jaws and mouths are either significantly smaller or larger than the average. Unless the mouth pieces come in a variety of sizes we question whether the brushing would be as effective as suggested.

Secondly, how about the toothpaste? The makers provide capsules that are prefilled and disposable for use with the device. These come in three different “flavors” and compounds, including one for sensitive teeth and one for whitening. They also have available refillable capsules and the bulk bottle of toothpaste. We wonder if consumers can use their own toothpaste in these devices, although there is a certain level of fluidity required according to their description.

In addition, the 10-seconds is only one part of the oral hygiene regimen prescribed by dentists. The person must also floss, which takes longer than 10 seconds by itself.

We would also like to see how the device fits into the mouth and the way the device does the brushing. Is it, indeed, an automatic toothbrush that does all the work for you? It might be efficient in the amount of time on the task, but do the teeth get cleaned properly?

People who need assistance brushing their teeth

All the dentists here at Southeast Family Dental see how an Amabrush would be great for special needs people or nursing home residents who might need assistance brushing their teeth. If the product works as described, the reduced time and efficiency of the brushing could make a real difference for those who are disabled or bed-ridden. A nurse could quickly learn how to use the device and how to use it with their patients.

The makers of the Amabrush say that the initial model being offered is for adults and children over the age of 14. Another model, for younger children with their permanent teeth, is in the works. Depending on the efficacy of the devise, it could be something that parents would appreciate. Time will tell.

Yes, time will tell if brushing will be revolutionized with the new Amabrush. Cleaner teeth and improved oral hygiene are always a good thing in our world! But no matter what, every person should continue their bi-annual preventive care visits to the dentist for cleaning and check-ups.

Speaking of that, is it time for you to schedule a check-up? Give Southeast Family Dental a call at 317-359-8000 or schedule an appointment online at

We look forward to seeing you and seeing what the future will be for the Amabrush!

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