electric toothbrushWe all need to find ways to take care of our teeth. After all, a smile is the first impression you get with many people, and it does not take much for that smile to be altered negatively. Recently, one of the hottest things on the tooth care market is the affordable electric toothbrush. These models are quite different from what an electric toothbrush used to be. They are small, portable, streamlined, and battery operated. Because they are more affordable than ever, more and more people are choosing them. However, does an electric toothbrush do as good of a job as a manual model at getting rid of plaque? Is the electric model actually better? These are all good questions.

To begin with, we should consider the research. The truth is, a manual toothbrush can be just as capable of removing plaque as the electric kind if it is used properly. The key word here would be properly. Many people do not use a manual model as they should, and the result is that an electric model would actually be more effective. However, before you rush out and buy an electric toothbrush, keep in mind that it may not do any more to keep your teeth clean if you have already been brushing them properly.

When is an electric toothbrush better?

There are cases when an electric toothbrush is actually the better option for a person. If someone has trouble patiently brushing their teeth for a long enough amount of time, the electric toothbrush could be ideal. These models often include a timer, and research has shown that people using an electric toothbrush are much more likely to brush their teeth longer. In this type of case, the electric model could be more beneficial.

People with gum disease must take special care of their gums to avoid any progression of the disease. This is another case when the electric toothbrush could be ideal. The electric model will do a much better job than a manual model to massage the gums. Massaging gums keeps healthy blood flow and will help to stave off the effects of gum disease.

Individuals with dexterity problems, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel or developmental disabilities, would also benefit greatly from an electric toothbrush. The mechanical action of the tooth brush allows maximum cleaning with limited hand movement. This could be great option for younger children too!