Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Jul 21,2020

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While the majority of people brush their teeth over the bathroom sink, some prefer to brush in the shower. This can help save time as part of a busy routine.

For some people, brushing in the shower can make a positive contribution to oral health. If you occasionally forget to brush your teeth, or are so busy that you don’t always get around to it, brushing in the shower as part of your routine might be a good thing if it helps you to brush more regularly. It might also help you to use your time more efficiently. For example, you could brush your teeth in the shower while waiting for conditioner to take effect.

If you brush in the shower, try to take extra care to brush thoroughly. Multi-tasking with shampoo or shower gel can cause people to miss parts of their typical oral routine, so be sure you brush your teeth just as you would in front of the sink. If possible, you should try to avoid storing your toothbrush in the shower. This is because the warm, wet environment can incubate bacteria. Moreover, although it might be convenient in the shower, you should avoid rinsing your mouth right after brushing because this washes your toothpaste away before it has had time to take effect. We recommend you wait at least 30 minutes after brushing to rinse or use mouthwash.

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? Or do you do it regularly? We’d love to know about your oral care routine. Please take a moment to vote in our poll below.

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