Dr. Austgen tries bacon dental floss for the first time

Dr. Holly Austgen, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana tries bacon flavored dental floss for the first time.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Real dentist tries bacon dental floss for the first time (Dr. Holly Austgen)


I’m Dr. Holly Austgen and today I am going to be testing out some bacon floss.

So I kind of like bacon on everything so this could be interesting. I will be honest, it does not smell good. I don’t get a bacon flavor out of the scent but let’s see how it goes here, give it a try.

Well, I’m honestly not getting much of a taste at all so it doesn’t bother me. The biggest thing that I don’t like is the smell. Doesn’t smell like bacon to me but it doesn’t actually taste that awful.

So I would say give it a try. I will do anything that- I will let you guys do anything that makes you floss. But overall review, I’d probably give it a thumbs down. It doesn’t live up to my expectations of bacon flavor.