Father’s Day and Dental Health

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Dec 10,2020

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You want the men in your life to be healthy and oral health is a great place to start. At Southeast Family Dental we know that a healthy mouth can mean a healthy body so we encourage all of our patients to see us for checkups twice a year. Unfortunately research shows that the typical American man doesn’t follow the six month checkup rule of thumb. So, in honor of Father’s Day, we want to help men understand why six month dental appointments are so important.

It’s All about Prevention

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, many men skip or totally forego the recommendation to see their dentist every 6 months. Instead they schedule an appointment when they have a problem. Regular dental visits play an important part in prevention of larger, more serious dental and health issues before they start. Additionally, while dental appointments are important for everyone, they’re particularly important to men because men are at greater risk for:

1. Gum Disease

The American Dental Association estimates that 34% of men ages 30-54 have gum disease as compared to 23% of women in the same age range. Research shows a correlation between gum disease and heart disease and certain cancers. Periodontal disease develops, most often, due to poor dental habits, and according to research, men do not take care of their teeth, or attend to their dental health as well as women.

2. Oral Cancer

Men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer as women. Oral cancer can be treated, often successfully, when caught early. This makes keeping those 6 month checkup appointments even more important. At Southeast Family Dental, we provide all of our adult patients an oral cancer exam FREE OF CHARGE at their 6 month checkup appointments.

3. Serious Dental Problems

Since men are less likely to see the dentist regularly it leaves them at risk for more complex and expensive dental treatment when things go wrong. A small cavity can turn into a root canal and crown if not treated promptly.

The Gift of Health for Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, give the man in your life the gift of a healthy mouth and healthy body by encouraging him to make an appointment at Southeast Family Dental – the dental practice that can make any man smile.

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