Dr. Mark Bohnert, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana explains the importance of getting a filling for your child’s baby tooth (if needed) even though the tooth will be probably lost in a few years.

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Hi, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental. Today we’re going to talk about baby teeth.

There’s a lot of times parents will ask us why we would want to fill baby teeth since they’re going to be lost anyway in a few years. And it’s a very simple answer for the parents in that, if a baby tooth is lost, the permanent teeth have no place to follow so they will come up and erupt in different areas of the mouth we may not want them to.

There are ways that, if a baby tooth is lost, we can maintain that space but it’s an expense and trauma to the child that’s not necessary.

So, if there’s a time that you think that the dentist is asked to save a baby tooth and you think it’s not necessary, please reconsider because it is very helpful in the long run.

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