Dr. Mark Bohnert, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana explains why your gums may be bleeding, what periodontal (gum) disease is and what you can do about it.

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Hi, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental, and today we’re going to discuss gum disease and the prevalence that we have in the United States for adults. That is probably the highest incident of dental problems that is around, far more than decay at this point in time.

The reason for the gum disease is lack of oral care. It is usually either at home or at the dentist. So if you find that you are having gums that bleed with blushing or flossing you need to make sure that you see your dentist to have it evaluated.

A lot of times the periodontal disease does not cause any true symptoms other than that bleeding. At times they will get to the point that the teeth will either become loose or you start to develop spaces between the teeth.

At that point it’s a lot more difficult to treat and may even have to see a specialist to treat that problem. At that stage of the game, it is also usually too late to have it be a preventative measure and surgery may be indicated or even extractions.

So if your teeth are bleeding, your gums are bleeding, you may want to make sure that you have seen your dentist to determine if you’ve got periodontal disease. And if that has developed some spaces or if your teeth seem to be loose, you definitely need to get in and have that taken care of.

If you have any more questions, let us know. This is Mark Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental.