Have you ever considered firing the Tooth Fairy?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Oct 04,2020

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Recently, the dentists at Southeast Family Dental heard about a mom who had had it with moonlighting as the Tooth Fairy. After forgetting to leave money under her children’s pillows for the FIFTH time, she ruminated, “I don’t know what my problem is. Why can’t I – or my husband – remember a simple task like leaving money and collecting a tooth?”

Finally, her son asked her the dreaded question, “Mom, are you the Tooth Fairy?”

Not able to handle the pressure anymore, she cracked, “YEEEEESS, I’m SOOOO sorry!”

However, contrary to what she thought, he wasn’t traumatized by the admission. He just said, kindly, “It’s okay, Mom, but can I please have the money?”

After all, that’s really what it’s all about for kids – the money. They could care less what happens to the tooth. The tooth doesn’t pay for toys and other treats.

Didn’t make her job any easier

But, even after this mom’s kids knew the truth, it didn’t make her job any easier. Well, maybe a little easier, in the fact that they would now remind her about 47 times before they went to bed.

“I can’t wait until the TOOTH FAIRY comes tonight.”

“The TOOTH FAIRY can leave cash or small toys, in case the TOOTH FAIRY is wondering.”

She said her seven-year-old would wink at her so wildly, she was afraid he was having a seizure.

However, the problem was, that even with the reminders, she still forgot. In the morning, she would have to face her kids’ disapproving stares over breakfast.

“The TOOTH FAIRY forgot again last night,” one of them would say. Then they would maintain eye contact for a full sixty seconds to make sure she knew just WHO they were referring to. The guilt was just overwhelming for her.

How did the Tooth Fairy even become a thing?


She wanted to know what she was supposed to do with the tooth once she collected it. Turn them into ivory earrings or barter with them at the local trading post? Also, she mused, “Why do we even pay our kids for their teeth? It’s not like they’re going to leave them in their mouths to rot forever if we don’t give them a cash incentive to pull them out.”

Additionally, she was tired of trying to rummage around under her kids’ heads to find their teeth without waking them up. For one thing, she doesn’t have the skills of James Bond. Inevitably, her kids always wake up, and she has to come up with some excuse for being there. “Oh, I’m just checking to make sure you’re covered up. Good-night, sweetie.” After all, it’s not like she can knock them out for the night with Children’s Nyquil or pre-bedtime hypnotism.

Family announcement

Finally, this mom decided to give up, and she made a family announcement:

“From now on, all Tooth Fairy transactions for cash are going to be made in the daylight. Bring your tooth and you’ll get your cash.”

At Southeast Family Dental, we want to know, have you ever botched your job as the Tooth Fairy?

We invite you to participate in our poll about this topic below.

If you can not see the embedded poll above please use the following link: Have you ever botched your job as the Tooth Fairy?

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