Dr. Laura K. Geiger, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana discusses options for whitening your teeth.

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Hello, this is Dr. Laura Geiger with Southeast Family Dental and today we are going to talk about tooth whitening. As summer is approaching, many people are interested in brightening their smile and there are many options to accomplish this.

First, the one that most people are familiar with, is the store bought trays or strips with the bleaching material already placed. These work for minimal cases and touch ups, but the concern with over the counter whitening kits is the time it takes to reach the desired shade. These kits contain whitening material with much less concentration so it takes a longer time to work. This also means more touchups and not as stable of results.

In our office, we offer two other bleach alternatives to our patients.

First, is a custom tray made from models of your mouth that are worn at home with whitening materials from our office. Because they are made specifically for your mouth, they fit tight to the teeth, allowing the whitening material better contact. This provides a much more stable outcome than over the counter and does not take the time that over the counter does because our whitening materials are in a stronger concentration.

Another whitening option some offices provide is an in-office, light based whitening process. While this has been promoted in the media, studies have shown that the light offers no added benefit to the whitening procedure.

What we have found to offer the best results is a combination of whitening in-office and at home. This has shown to require less touch ups because it’s more stable, and patients have less sensitivity during treatment. With this combination, the patient comes for their first appointment in the office for an hour of whitening. Then the patient wears the custom-made bleach trays at home for 2 weeks and returns for a second in-office whitening session.

Whitening can brighten up almost any smile, but there are some discolorations that do not respond well to the over the counter kits. If you have any questions as to which whitening option is best for your smile, give us a call at 317-359-8000 or visit us on the web at SoutheastFamilyDental.com. And remember, we can make your smile.