broken piggy bank

At Southeast Family Dental, we know that many patients do not really enjoy the idea of a visit to the dentist. Yet, many of these same people would freely admit that they know good oral hygiene and taking care of their dental health are to their own benefit.

Cost not fear

It is often accepted that nervousness or fear are key factors in this. So, we were surprised when we read in a national survey that, in fact, only 10% of adults state fear is the top reason they avoid the dentist. More worryingly is that four times as many surveyed, or 40%, said cost was the main reason for failing to visit their dentist when they suffered an oral health problem.

As dental practitioners, this can be a cause of frustration on our side. Not only do we have many people tell us that the expense of their work was less than they imagined it would be, we also see and try to express prevention with all of our patients. If people did visit their dentist on a regular basis, such good practice can easily help prevent more expensive restorative treatments, or at least keep them to smaller procedures.

Range of treatment options

Another point that surprises some of our patients is the range of treatment options that are available for a specific problem, meaning there may be more than one way to tackle your oral health problem. Here at Southeast Family Dental, we are happy to give patients multiple solutions for solving the problem that brought them in.

A final point that is often overlooked by patients is the fact that health and dental insurance frequently sets dental maximums that renew on a yearly basis. Therefore, if yours is set at $1,000, and you don’t use it for four years, that’s $4,000 worth of valuable and important dental treatment you may simply have missed out on.

If you are a first time patient, make sure to visit our New Patient Coupons page. It is just another way we work hard to make sure cost isn’t the factor that prevents your from taking great care of your teeth!