Is there an incorrect way to use an electric toothbrush?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Sep 09,2020

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When the century turned from the 1800s to the 1900s there was a huge surge of technology to make life easier, especially for domestic goddesses… housewives. There were electric appliances of all sorts that made their way into homes: toasters, mixers, vacuum sweepers, and washing machines.

All these new electric innovations really made life easier and were much more efficient and effective. Today we just accept all these appliances as the norm in our homes, but back then, each of them was revolutionary!

Later, toothbrushes were electrified and teeth were given the super-duper cleaning treatment. This is one that every dentist, including us here at Southeast Family Dental, are still excited about! The novelty of the electric toothbrush still delights users so brushing becomes a more regular event for adults and children alike.

The problem is that while we learned to let appliances do the work in many instances, we still may not be using the electric toothbrush properly.

Why, you ask?

There are several ways that you could be using your electric toothbrush for brushing your teeth that is making it less effective.

  • Many electric toothbrush users press the bristles too hard against the teeth. Stronger pressure does NOT equate to cleaner teeth. Hold the electric toothbrush lightly against the teeth to given them a good brushing.
  • Another point about holding the electric toothbrush the best way is to hold it angled at 45 degrees so the brush is touching the gums. Brushing your gums while brushing your teeth helps to stave off gum disease.
  • Sometimes electric toothbrush users keep the device in constant movement. The best practice is to keep it on one or two teeth at a time.
  • Another point about moving the electric toothbrush is that there is no need to move your electric toothbrush in an up/down or left/right motion. Let the electric toothbrush do the work! Relax and just enjoy the fact that it is doing the work and brushing your teeth for you!
  • The last point to remember to use your electric toothbrush appropriately is to replace the toothbrush heads when needed. Some show their wear from brushing with frayed bristles. Other brands of electric toothbrushes have a fade indicator built into the heads of their devices. Just be sure to pay attention to the condition of the heads and replace them when needed.

Part of good oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth regularly is an important part of good oral hygiene. Another is seeing a dentist for check-ups on a regular basis. Preventive care helps you maintain your teeth longer and can actually improve your overall general health. Here at Southeast Family Dental we want everyone to be healthy, which is why we provide sedation dentistry for those who get nervous about dental visits. We want to give you a reason to smile!

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