Dr. Mark Bohnert, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana explains what root canal (endodontic) therapy is and why you may need a root canal. Dr. Bohnert then helps you understand how root canal therapy works by comparing it to the wick in a candle.

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Hi, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental. Today we are going to talk about root canal therapy or endodontic therapy as it’s commonly known as in our profession. That is, got a bad connotation with a lot of people. However, it can be a very simple procedure that is required after a tooth has had some trauma, either from injury or a lot of decay.

What is done is, the tooth has become symptomatic for one reason or the other. And I like to look at it as taking the wick out of a candle. The tooth stays in place. It’s still very serviceable. But instead of having the live nerve in the tooth, that is removed, and there is a filling material that is placed in that.

So if you can think of that as, again, taking the wick out of a candle and replacing that with a filling material, that’s what a root canal is. So if you ever have a dentist or someone who says you need to have a root canal done, that is a simple explanation of what that is.

It has always had a bad connotation because usually people will wait until it’s a big abscess, you have swelling and a lot of pain and then the procedure gets to be more difficult and more time consuming for the dentist and the patient,

So, if that is necessary, please don’t feel too concerned about the procedure as it can be very simple. If you have any other questions, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert, Southeast Family Dental, and we can make you smile.