Say goodbye to gooey paste dental impressions with our new scanner

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Dec 30,2019

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Dr. Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental demonstrates a new dental scanner for making crowns and bridges, without the need for taking impressions. 


  • Dr. Bohnert: Hi, this Dr. Bohnert. We’re going to show you today one new piece of equipment that we use. It’s a scanner for making crowns or bridges, without the need for taking impressions.
  • Dr. Bohnert: Dr. Jones is going to demonstrate on Dr. Geiger, what a scan can do.
  • Dr. Jones: We’re starting on the bottom here, and you just take the scanning gun and just go all the way around her mouth. It takes lots of images. It’s awesome because we don’t have to use any of that impression material. Really accurate and easy.
  • Dr. Bohnert: The nice thing we found is, when you make a crown with this technique, there’s usually very little adjustments that’s made when a crown is completed.
  • Dr. Jones: Typically, if we’re just working on one tooth for a crown, you don’t have to do the full arch here. You just do whatever side of the mouth that the tooth is that we’re working on.
  • Dr. Jones: You can see, you can move it around here, you can see the whole mouth.
  • Dr. Jones: So, right now we use it for crowns like we said, and we can also print some models and make mouth guards, athletic mouth guards, things like that, retainers.
  • Dr. Geiger: And the nice part about it is, it stays in the computer, so if somebody loses a retainer, something like that, we’ve got it stored and we can always just print another one and make a new guard without having to take a new scan or take a new impression.
  • The old way. Which would you prefer?
  • Dr. Bohnert: This is the regular impression material, and you can see it’s nice and runny, and we try not to get it on people’s faces. But, for illustration purposes, I may get a little bit on Dr. Geiger’s face.
  • Dr. Bohnert: Open for me real wide. Okay, now bite your teeth together. Okay, and we have to get this all around here, try not to get it in your nose.
  • Dr. Bohnert: There we go. There, now just hold that like you can. Gotta hold it for about five or six minutes, and we’ll see what she looks like.
  • Dr. Jones: All right, Dr. Geiger, which was your favorite, option A or option B?
  • Dr. Geiger: A! A!
  • Dr. Jones: (laughs)
  • Dr. Jones: Let’s see if we can get you cleaned up. All right.
  • Dr. Geiger: Thanks Dr. B. That’s awesome
  • Dr. Jones: We did leave a little bit behind.
  • Dr. Geiger: Yeah, uh-huh. Just a little bit.

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