dentures in a glass

It’s a question commonly asked by seniors: is it necessary to remove dentures at night? Every night? While it takes a bit of extra time each day, the fact is that removing dentures before going to bed is a practice all seniors should follow to ensure optimal health and a clean smile. Besides the basics of denture care, following the proper procedure for removal and cleaning is easier than you might think.

A quick how-to

When it comes to daily routine, there are two things you need to keep in mind. The first is to soak your dentures in dental cleaner or water on a nightly basis. This will help keep them free of bacteria and in the case of dental cleaner, help eliminate potential fungi or diseases. There is also a range of specialty devices on the market which can help clean dentures using other methods. While not necessary in every case, different methods can work for different people.

The second habit to get into is brushing dentures on a regular basis. There are denture brushes designed exactly for this purpose that will allow you to reach all the nooks and crannies without hassle. Just like regular teeth, we suggest that this is an every day process that should be maintained.

The benefits and risks

Setting good habits for yourself is the way to keep your mouth happy and healthy, and will let you reap the rewards and avoid potential risks. Removing dentures at night allows oxygen to reach the gum tissue, which can help prevent fungal infection in your mouth. In addition, making sure to clean your mouth after removing dentures can also help prevent irritation.

Improper denture care has a number of serious risks associated with it, not only with the fit and comfort of the denture itself, but also medical complications. Medical studies have found that seniors who sleep with dentures in run twice the risk of contracting pneumonia, which can lead to hospitalization or even death. Why run such a high risk when all it takes is a small nightly commitment to ensure long-lasting dental health?