stem cell research

This may sound like an idea from science fiction, yet that would be doing a disservice to research that’s currently being conducted. Here at Southeast Family Dental, we have been asked about such future possibilities by a few of our regular clients.

Let’s begin with a little background to the idea itself. Work has been carried out in the UK at King’s College in London to discover whether stem cells could be used to produce a tiny, immature replacement tooth. This new tooth could then be transplanted into the mouth where it could access the body’s blood supply. In time, the tooth would grow and gradually form into a complete tooth.

Not anytime soon

While this research may have moved the possibility a step closer, this process will not be ready for undertaking any time soon. Extensive research will need to be completed before consideration of the process begins. If and when that happens, the initial costs are likely to be prohibitive for most.

So, for the foreseeable future, dentists—including our highly-rated and vastly experienced team here at Southeast Family Dental—continue to work with the options that are proven and currently available. This means that for the single replacement tooth, a dental implant continues to be a highly recommended option. Other popular possibilities are the use of a bridge or a ‘partial’, which is similar to a retainer with artificial teeth attached to it. The best course of action is to carefully discuss your options with your dentist and make the most effective choice for your unique situation.