Dr. Mark Bohnert, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana explains your orthodontic options including conventional braces, Invisalign and the new Six Month Smiles.

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Hi, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert with Southeast Family Dental. Today I plan to talk about orthodontics and some options you may have.

Typically, in the past, there has been the orthodontic treatment that everyone knows of, where there are brackets or bands that are placed on the teeth, a wire is placed into those brackets, and then the teeth are straightened over time. For the most part, that is done on younger patients, and the time frame is typically two years, maybe a little bit longer, depending on what is being done.

There has been another option that has come available, mainly for adults, in the last five to seven years, that is called Invisalign, and there are different companies that do similar products. What that is, is some plastic clear retainers, they are called aligners, that fit on the teeth and gradually move the teeth over time. They are about the same time frame length to straighten the teeth, and they typically are used more for adults. There are no brackets. There are no wires. It does take longer and absolutely takes compliance by the patient. If you don’t wear them, they don’t work.

There is a new option called Six Month Smiles, which I like to refer to as adult cosmetic orthodontics. It does not entail a lot of work with the posterior teeth. It’s only really for teeth that have become crowded as we have gotten older, or for whatever reason, have started to move around. Sometimes that’s after conventional orthodontics, and a retainer has not been made. But it works quite well. It is called Six Month Smiles because usually the movement of the teeth is finished in four to eight months, and it works quite well. An advantage to that is that the brackets themselves are clear, and the wire is white. So it is not quite the same as Invisalign. You can see it, but it is very inconspicuous.

So we have three options that work quite well for orthodontics. We have the conventional orthodontics with the wires and the metal brackets, we have the Invisalign type treatment, and we now have the adult cosmetic orthodontics that is optional as well.

If you have any other questions, again it is Dr. Mark Bohnert, Southeast Family Dental.