The Worst Place to Lose a Tooth?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Nov 02,2021

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Have you ever experienced any blunders in life? It was an experience not worth remembering for sure. Did you handle it well? See how the people below lose a tooth at the worst place possible.

1. Female TV Anchor Lose a Tooth While Doing a Live Newscasting

Marichka Padalco, an anchorwoman for a Ukrainian TV channel, is seen going through her usual morning news reporting routine at the start of the video. The video then fast forwards 0:33s. You will see the camera focus on Marichka again while she delivers the news with Ukrainian fluency. Forty-one seconds into the video, the unthinkable happens.

As she talks, something pops out, what appears to be a tooth. She holds it between her lips, between breaths. She then quickly takes the tooth with her right hand and continues reporting without missing a beat. Imagine the reaction of hundreds or even thousands watching the morning news that day.

You will then see as the reporting goes on that it wasn’t her real tooth but what seems to be a veneer or crown. Her thoughts might have been raging like wildfire. Still, she handled it with the utmost professionalism and continued reporting, unfazed for the next 61 seconds. But for her, it might have been an eternity.

If you think that happens only in Ukraine, watch this next video.

2. Lose a Tooth During A Live Sports Broadcasting 

The video starts with a batter practicing his swing and the two sports broadcasters talking about losing a tooth.

Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy loses a tooth during the game and discusses with Don Orsillo whether or not Jerry should put it back in. The broadcast pans from the live game to the broadcast booth. Don realizes that it’s an implant with the “nail” or screw on the tooth. Don jokes about popping the tooth back in by using tools like a hammer and pliers.

You see Don putting the tooth back in using pliers, a screwdriver, and a flashlight. Still missing the hammer, Don finally uses tape and tapes it onto Jerry’s cheek. Thanks to Don’s wit and quick thinking and Jerry’s humility to ride along by making fun of the whole situation, this somewhat uneasy situation turned out okay.

Even having dental implants is not an assurance that your tooth stays in place if you don’t have an excellent dentist.

3. Lose a While Skydiving 

It’s terrifying enough to go skydiving. First, you have to jump out of a plane. Then you experience the thrill of plummeting straight towards the ground. But for most people, the thrill ends when the parachute opens and they land safely on the ground.

But in this video, there is an extra thrill in a girl’s skydiving attempt. Why? Because halfway down, she loses her tooth! Well, technically it’s her partial denture but we’re pretty sure it surprised her just the same.

4. Male TV Anchor While Reporting 

This 29-second video shows a male reporter doing his usual routine when his tooth bridge falls off as he mentions the word “Farmers.” He somehow manages to catch it between his lips and takes it off. Excusing himself, he lets his co-anchorwoman do the rest. Embarrassed, he tells her that he has to duck out of there because of what happened. Again, one of those bloopers that every reporter with dental concerns wish wouldn’t happen in their lifetime of broadcasting live on air.

5. News Personality Lose a Tooth While Doing a Cooking Segment 

Scot Haney loses his tooth in the middle of a cooking segment. He was chewing the food they might have been cooking and then wondered what was between his teeth. He pulls it out and, to his amazement, realized it was his tooth. His co-host sees him pulling something out and asks if it was his tooth. Scot confirms her suspicion, and she turns around in unbelief. The other host tells him to put it away in disgust.

The two ladies try to bring it back to the show, but Scot keeps on looking down on the tooth in his hand. He blurts out about what to do with it. One woman told him to hold on to the tooth and call a dentist after the show.

Scot’s face turns bright red with embarrassment but he tries his very best to be jovial about it. It is not as embarrassing as the earlier videos where a missing tooth is visible but embarrassing just the same.

We wouldn’t want it to happen for all the world to see. And endure ridicule as the netizens make a meme about it for years to come. Imagine the horror of each of these people’s dentists after losing their tooth in the worst place possible. It’s challenging to find an excellent dentist, especially with the pandemic nowadays.

Referrals and reviews are the best way to find one since they already have a track record of people who have undergone treatment. Put in mind if you want the best dental service, it’s also going to cost you more. But it will save you from losing a tooth at the worst time possible.

Have you lost a tooth in the worst place possible? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

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