A trip to the dentist can be a big stress for those of us without dental insurance. In cases of emergency, there is often no other choice than to visit your dentist, which we fear can rack up piles and piles of bills. Luckily, every good dentist has experience working with patients who don’t have insurance, and can often provide a wide variety of solutions to fit a range of needs. When worrying about your dental costs, or the status of your insurance, the first step is to speak to your dental care provider.

Regular checkups

The best way to save money, whether you have insurance or not, is to stop by your dentist’s office for regular checkups. While it may cost a bit of extra cash up front, it can help prevent more serious and costly issues later on. Catching problems early is every dentist’s specialty, and is the most effective way to treat a variety of problems. In addition, paying regular visits to your dentist will serve to break up the costs over a longer period of time, rather than forcing you to pay for a whole slew of expensive procedures after a 10-year absence.


While our dental wish lists can often be quite long, figuring out how to prioritize is a necessity when working under a budget. Health-threatening conditions should take first priority, while more minor or cosmetic visits should take back seat. If you’re not sure how to go about arranging your list of priorities, your dentist should be able to provide valuable insight. Spreading out the cost in this way can be very effective, even with little to no insurance options.

The good news

One good benefit to know about is that paying out of pocket can often come with special discounts at your dentist’s office. Next time you think of it, ask about deals that might apply to you, or ask for suggestions on saving money on your dental care. In any case, your dentist is committed to giving you the same great service whether you have insurance or not. So make sure to pay them regular visits to keep your mouth as healthy as it wants to be.