What are the risks of DIY braces?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Jun 29,2020

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With all of the new web-based resources at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to access information that used to be out of reach. However, while bathroom renovations might be a good project to try your hand at, it should go without saying that medical processes should be left to the professionals. Still, there are DIY enthusiasts who like to give amateur dentistry a shot, and save some money by making their own braces. If this is something you think you’d like to try at home, here are a few risks to consider.


Braces are precision technology, with every set calibrated to the teeth of the individual. In order to craft that perfectly aligned smile, braces need to be placed specifically and carefully on the teeth to ensure the proper amount of pressure is applied. DIY braces are known for their temporary effects, which can revert after you take out the bands. This can mean months of wasted time and effort that results in little to nothing. Dentists and orthodontists combine braces and retainers to achieve long-lasting effects.


Keeping the right amount of pressure on your teeth is definitely a precision job, requiring the hand of a trained professional. While not having enough pressure on the teeth will be ineffective, braces that have too much pressure will loosen your teeth and potentially move them too quickly. When installing DIY braces, you have no control whatsoever over the bands, which means controlling the strength or pressure of the brace is near impossible. Regular visits to a dentist or orthodontist allow the braces to be readjusted after each visit, ensuring the proper amount of pressure.


Think of it this way: do you really want to have an inexperienced amateur poking sharp pieces of metal and plastic around your mouth? DIY braces always run the risk of causing damage to your gum tissues and your teeth. Damage which can be not only painful but costly. What’s more, braces that are improperly installed may fall apart, causing you to swallow harmful material.

Play it safe

Your best bet is always to put in the extra investment and hire a professional. While there might be some projects that are alright to try out for yourself, oral health is definitely not one of them.

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