What if Famous Halloween Movie Characters Visited the Dentist?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Sep 01,2021

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Halloween is a time of year where children can get creative with costumes and go out trick or treating. There is no denying that it’s a fun event, and kids can really go to town with their costume ideas.

It can also be a fun time for parents too, although they sometimes have to supervise their offspring when they go door-knocking! Of course, parents may get a bit worried if their children end up overeating candy!

Eating too much candy, and regularly, can lead to all kinds of dental problems. On that subject, do you remember the movies you watched around this time of year? And have you ever noticed how bad the teeth are on some Halloween movie characters?

As a family dental practice, we look after a lot of people’s teeth. Imagine if we had visits from some of those famous Halloween movie characters and we needed to work on their teeth? Now there’s a thought!

Here is how your dentist would treat famous Halloween movie characters:

Winifred from Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is set in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts, and tells the tale of three witches—the Sanderson sisters. The main antagonist in the movie is Winifred, referred to as Winnie by her siblings.

If Winifred went to see your dentist, the first thing that would become clear is Winifred’s buck teeth! In the dental world, such a problem is commonly known as overjet.

Your dentist would prescribe Winifred some braces to gently coax her teeth into a straighter position. But only if she promised not to cast a spell on him!

Michael Myers from Halloween and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

These two horror movie characters have quite a lot in common! For a start, they both wore masks and killed people with bladed weapons. Both characters obviously murdered a lot of people, and both were in movie franchises that spanned several films.

But, if they both wanted to see a dentist, what would be their reason for making an appointment? Well, it’s hard to say as neither takes their masks off!


Do you remember the 1988 comedy-horror movie Beetlejuice? If so, you may recall that Beetlejuice (portrayed by Michael Keaton) is the main character in that film.

A trickster and mischievous ghost, Beetlejuice is also something of a rude and crude character! You may even remember that he almost married someone living (Lydia) so he could roam the mortal world.

One thing that is most memorable about Beetlejuice is his teeth. If he saw your dentist today, he would need some teeth whitening and deep cleaning. He would also benefit from some work done to his lower teeth too.

His gums look quite purple and swollen. Usually, this would indicate that Beetlejuice’s gums aren’t healthy. But, it might just be down to the fact that he is a ghost!

Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist

There is no denying that The Exorcist is one of the most terrifying horror movies of its time out there. Regan MacNeil is one of the main protagonists in the movie and is possessed by a demon.

The possessed version of Regan could undoubtedly do with some dental work. And maybe cutting down on the pea soup might be a good idea?

In any event, possessed Regan would make an interesting patient given her 360-degree head turning skills!

Freddie Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

It’s likely that there isn’t a soul on the planet that hasn’t heard of Freddie Krueger before! One of horror’s most notorious slashers, Freddie has a hard time brushing his teeth due to his gloved hand with razors.

Still, what if the Springwood Slasher were to ever see a dentist about his oral health? He might be given a new type of toothbrush that just sat in his mouth, on account of his razor hand and all! He would also need some crowns on his top teeth, and some help with his oral hygiene.


In some ways, it would be a bit difficult to review Casper’s teeth and gums, given that he is a ghost! Also, how would a dentist even begin to examine Casper? This ghost would need to hover above a chair, considering all he can do is float.

If Casper wanted to chew some food, it’s likely he would need some dentures to help with that. Still, nothing is impossible!

Slimer (from Ghostbusters)

You will know who Slimer is, and you will also know that he is in dire need of dental hygiene! The sad truth about Slimer is that he tends to eat a lot of junk food. Because of that fact, his ghostly teeth aren’t in as good a condition as they once were.

The good news is that it’s not too late to take care of one’s teeth, especially when you’re a ghost like Slimer. Should he decide to see a dentist, he will get told that he needs to brush his teeth and use mouthwash. He should probably drink a lot more water too, if he wants to sort out his bad breath.


It doesn’t matter if you only work or do things at night. Nor does it matter if you only have an appetite for blood! Neither is an excuse to neglect your dental hygiene and oral health!

So, what would we do if Dracula decided to visit a dentist and have his teeth examined? Well, it’s likely he would get told he needs some veneers to give his teeth a more uniform look. Alternatively, he could get his teeth filed down and have crowns put on them.

Jack Skellington (from Nightmare before Christmas)

The main protagonist from that hit 1993 movie, Jack Skellington is also in need of some dental work. If he came in for a routine check-up, he’d need some partial dentures to help him chew and eat food better!

Mike Wazowski (from Monsters, Inc.)

Mike is the deuteragonist and a zesty lime green spherical monster. What’s not to love about this little guy?

Out of all the movie characters featured on this page, Mike Wazowski is the only one with teeth in excellent condition! Still, he should visit for a routine checkup every so often if he wants to keep his teeth that way!

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