Would You Turn Your Fingernails Into Teeth?

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Apr 28,2021

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When you thought fashion couldn’t get any weirder, we bring you the latest in teeth nail art. As the name suggests, these are fingernails fashioned in the form of teeth. Don’t worry because they’re not real molars glued onto the ends of your fingers. That would be weird!

Incepted by Russian nail artist Nail Sunny, these quirky designs are the latest in nail trends. The stars of Hollywood are chomping at the bit (sorry) to get in on the act as they have opened up a new store in Los Angeles.

See if you are on board with the teeth nails trend in this video by Casper Martinez 

The question is, would you turn your fingernails into teeth nail art? Here are some of the pros and cons.

Pro: It’s Fun

Part of being a fashionista is playing around with trends and taking risks. And, it’s about having fun too. There’s no doubt the people investing in this latest piece of art are happy with the results. They stand out from the crowd and have a novelty set of nails to boot. Although our brain is screaming “don’t come near me,” we can’t help but be happy. Finally, teeth are getting their fifteen seconds of fame in the spotlight. Here at Southeast Family Dental, that is something to be proud of and excited by in equal measure.

Con: It’s Tacky

While being different is cool, this feels as if it’s thinking outside of the box for the sake of it. Let’s face it – they’re huge, take ages to put on, and aren’t practical. We bet picking up a glass of water in those bad boys would be nearly impossible. And, what about the hygiene factor? Do you need to brush, floss and mouthwash? Only kidding; we know you only floss on the dance floor! Each to their own, but it seems as if standing out because everyone else is doing it isn’t genuine.

Pro: It Gets The Creative Juices Flowing

After you put nail art in the form of teeth on the end of your fingernails, there is no turning back. From there, anything is possible such as a Black Panther-style or a Groucho Marx mustache. Knowing that it’s not impossible to stand out from the crowd often gives people a kick in the right direction creativity-wise. If it gets the mind working in an artistic and inventive way, it’s hard to argue against this new trend. Plus, did we mention it’s cool to see teeth in the spotlight for a change?!

Con: They’re Hard To Take Off

These are in no doubt a fashion statement. And, as a result, it isn’t a case of applying nail remover and bearing all on your fingertips again. For a factory reset, you’d need to go to a nail salon and have them removed by a professional with the proper kit. Not only is that a waste of time and money, but it also has an impact on your lifestyle. Imagine not being able to do things because your nails hold you back.

As long as they aren’t your real teeth, we say you should do what you feel is right!

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