You won’t believe what this NBA player does when his tooth falls out in the middle of a game

Posted by Southeast Family Dental Aug 01,2020

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Athletes and entertainers are always trained by coaches and directors to “fight through the pain” or “go on with the show” no matter what happens. So it should not come as a surprise to anyone what Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder did during one of his games. He kept his wits about him when his head collided with the knee of his opponent so violently that it literally knocked a tooth out of his mouth.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Dennis Schröder stuffs loose tooth in his sock

You see on the YouTube video that Schroder shook his head, picked up the tooth, and tucked it into his sock. Most people are aware that when they get a tooth knocked out, it’s advisable to locate it and save it. That affords the dentist with the best opportunity to replace it. No one likes a smile with a missing tooth, especially your dentist!

Not many of us are professional athletes, but plenty of us are amateur athletes or the parents or siblings of amateur athletes. Therefore, while we applaud Schroder’s decision to save his tooth, we encourage our readers to consider a few ideas about what would be the best action to take if this type of scenario occurs to you or a loved one.

Take advantage of a mouth guard

The first point to question is whether or not he was wearing a mouth guard. In the video it does not appear that he is. A mouth guard may have prevented him from having the tooth knocked out in the first place.

The tooth knocked out should have been rinsed with clean water. Then it should have been put back into his mouth and a mouth guard put into place.

Be aware of bacterial contamination

When athletes are in the midst of competition, they tend to perspire and when they perspire bacteria begins to breed. You know that after a game, every bit of clothing worn by the athlete is usually soaked in sweat – and full of bacteria. That is not the best place to store the tooth. It may not be lost, but the tooth may become so contaminated that it cannot be replaced.

As the dentists at Southeast Family Dental know, having a team dentist on hand during athletic events is the most effective and efficient way to take care of dental emergencies. Even if the athlete continues to participate in the game or event, the dentist can take the steps necessary to ensure the likelihood of replacing the missing tooth.

However, most non-professional athletic events do not have a dentist on staff. Therefore, protect your smile so it doesn’t sport a missing tooth after the big game. Use a mouth guard, protect any tooth knocked out and see a dental professional right away.

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