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Invisalign in an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces. Dr. Bohnert and Dr. Geiger are certified Invisalign clear braces dentists. They’ll use advanced 3D imaging technology to precisely plan your treatment. Then, an Invisalign lab will fabricate your custom series of transparent, removable aligners especially for your orthodontic needs.

The comfortable aligners fit snugly over teeth and gradually move them into their ideal arrangement. You’ll wear a new pair of aligners every two weeks for the duration of treatment, which typically lasts 6 to 18 months – considerably less than traditional orthodontics. Adults who are concerned about the discomfort and appearance of metal braces are ideal candidates for Invisalign clear braces. The aligners can be removed as needed, easily cleaned, and they don’t require adjustments like other orthodontic methods.

For ultimate convenience and inconspicuous orthodontic treatment, ask us about Invisalign clear braces today!

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