Came to SEFD today for an exam and cleaning. I was immediately met in the waiting room by my Dental Hygienist, Jenny. As I entered the clinic, I was offered hand sanitizer and my temperature was taken. While this office always follows excellent infection control protocols, it was especially thorough in this time of Covid. I felt totally safe and protected and was very happy to see that the doctors and staff were also properly protected. Jenny reviewed my medical history, asked me to complete a respiratory infection questionnaire, and updated the medications that I was taking. She was very knowledgeable of medical matters. She completed an excellent cleaning and check-up. I was then seen by my friend, Dr. Bohnert. He also performed an oral exam and asked relevant questions regarding my health and my wishes for my dental needs. He always adds a touch of levity to my appointments! I truly enjoyed my visit today, the treatments that I received, and chatting with my friends at the clinic.