New message on mobile smart phoneThere is a dramatic amount of automation in our modern world. We can order takeout food online and have it at our front door within minutes. We can text a response to a TV commercial to win a prize, and we can use a mobile device to do almost anything that we used to need a laptop to handle.

So, can your dentist use these same technologies to communicate? If your dental provider happens to be Southeast Family Dental, the answer is yes. They are happy to confirm by email, text or telephone in order to ensure you get optimal dental care.

Here’s the thing about using modern communications for something like a dental appointment: you have to provide them with your contact details. After that, it is going to be entirely up to you to determine how and why they use the information to get in touch.

For example, with Southeast Family Dental you can ask that they only use the email or text information to remind you about your upcoming appointments. You can also ask them to give you a lot more.

For example, clients of this dental practice can receive:

  1. Appointment reminders;
  2. Regular newsletters;
  3. Customize promotional announcements; and
  4. Options for booking appointments too.

If you are more of a social networker than a texting fan, you can also utilize things like the practice’s website or their popular Facebook page (at to request an appointment or to contact a member of the staff.

Getting your dental care should never be complex or problematic, and yet so many dental practices are failing to take advantage of the world’s preferred methods of communication. Just think of how many jokes are around about people texting one another while in the same room or how families text one another when everyone is home! This may be funny, but it also shows that people prefer to use texting, email, and social media to take care of socializing, entertainment, and business.

Also consider what this reliance on modern technologies means about the care you can anticipate. When a dental office is willing to use the latest and most popular methods for business, it means that they are also going to be very familiar with patient needs too. From the most modern techniques and materials to the most preferred approaches to basic care, this practice has it all.