cracked toothThere are plenty of different situations when you could suffer from a cracked tooth, like an accident, a blow to the face, eating hard foods, and even root canal procedures. If you have any concerns that you may have a cracked tooth, then you likely have questions. Here are the answers to many of them.

How Do I Know if My Tooth Is Cracked?

If you have a cracked tooth, you could experience several different types of symptoms, like erratic pain when you are eating or chewing, pain during biting pressure, pain when you drink hot or cold beverages, and pain that comes and goes for no reason at all. Of course, these symptoms could come from other problems as well, so it is best to have a dentist evaluate the issue.

Why Does My Cracked Tooth Hurt/Not Hurt?

Depending on how the tooth is cracked and the extent of the damage, the tooth may or may not hurt. If the crack is deep, then the soft pulp could become inflamed or exposed to bacteria. If the tooth is cracked enough, the different parts can move and rub against the pulp, leading to irritation. However, if the crack is minor and there is no connection to the pulp itself, then you may not feel pain at all.

How Will My Cracked Tooth Be Treated?

The depth of the crack itself will determine the treatment you will need.

  • If the crack is all on the surface and does not extend below the gum line, then a filling or a crown may be all that you need to solve the problem.
  • If the crack or split extends into the nerve of the tooth, then a root canal and crown would be the likely treatment.
  • If the tooth is cracked or split to the point that it extends past the gum line or down the root of the tooth, then it will need to be extracted.

Early diagnosis can be the key to saving the tooth, so if you have any reason to think you have one that is cracked, see a dentist as soon as possible.

After Treatment, Will My Tooth Be Completely Healed?

Your tooth can never fully heal. It will not grow back together. However, the treatment will help to prevent any further cracking or damage to the tooth.

What Can I Do to Prevent My Tooth from Cracking?

Essentially, you need to take care of your teeth by avoiding chewing on hard objects, not grinding your teeth, wearing a grinding mouth guard if needed, and wearing a mouth guard during contact sports.

A cracked tooth doesn’t have to mean a lost tooth if you see a dentist as soon as possible, so make sure you schedule an appointment if you think you have this problem.