Watch this dentist hammer a zirconium crown into a piece of wood!

Dr. Mark Bohnert, DDS of Southeast Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana talks about the newer zirconium crowns and demonstrates their strength by nailing a zirconium crown into a board with a hammer.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Watch this dentist hammer a zirconium crown into a piece of wood!


Hi, this is Dr. Mark Bohnert from Southeast Family Dental. Today we’re gonna talk about some of the newer products that are available for dentistry, one being a zirconium crown.

In the old days, we would use a lot of gold and porcelain, fuse the metal crowns and bridges. Nowadays we have this newer material that
is zirconium, and it is extremely hard, very difficult to fracture. The only downside of this type of crown is it is not quite as cosmetic as some of the porcelains. It is far better than gold however, it does not have some of the natural translucency of a natural tooth.

So I’m gonna show you- we’re gonna try an experiment on some pressure on this crown. I’m actually gonna take a hammer and try to knock this into a piece of wood and see how it does. But this is a crown, it’s just a single crown that would go in someone’s mouth. It’s actually a sample, it’s not really from someone’s mouth.

And to show how hard this zirconium type crown is, we’ve got just a plain piece of wood. And remember, only to brush the teeth you wanna keep. But I’m gonna turn it upside down, there’s a piece of wood with a zirconium crown. And to prove how hard it is, I’m gonna take a hammer, and we’re gonna break it and see if we can’t embed it into the wood.

And, as you can see, that piece of zirconium has embedded itself in the wood and I can’t get it out. It did not fracture so you can eat whatever you want on this crown when it’s in your mouth and you can be assured it will not break.

If you ever have any questions about this, give us a call. The office number is (317) 359-8000.